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LEUCO offers carbide- and diamond-tipped saw blades for sizing or trimming cuts for saw mills, solid wood processors, parquet or laminate flooring manufacturers, processors of wood-based panels and composite materials as well as processors of plastics and non-ferrous metals.
Saw blades for: joinery machines, double clipping saws, clipping-, miter- and cross-cut saws, push-feed saws, splitting machines, molders, gang-rip saws, length cutting saws, portable saws, table saws, panel sizing saws and CNC machining centers
A wide standard range of products and the possibility of customer-specific adaptations meet all your demands

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The difference in milling. In through-feed manufacturing there are different milling processes such as

  • jointing and flush-cutting in the case of edge trimming,

  • jointing for glue joint profiles and finger joint cutters,

  • panel raising and scribing on postforming machines as well as

  • profiling and planing.

Cutters with bore are used on edge banding machines, double-end tenoners, vertical panel sizing saws, molder as well as portable machines.

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LEUCO Shank-Type Cutters are applied in portable routers, CNC routers, CNC machining centers, 5-axis machines and counter edge banding machines.
These cutters are used for jointing, rabbeting, chamfering, rounding, grooving, panel raising, roughing, finishing, profiling and Nesting.

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Holes play a central role in furniture making: They allow for the assembly of a furniture, they ensure the precise fit of the components to each other, they facilitate the mounting of fittings and fixtures.

The LEUCO Drill Bit program offers the right drill bit for each application, no matter if you drill through holes, dowel holes, step holes or cup holes.

Application of the LEUCO drill bits:

  • CNC machining centers

  • automatic boring machines

  • hardware hinge machines

  • portable boring machines



Turnover knives, profile knives for the most common cutterheads with bore for jointing, rabbeting,chamfering, grooving, panel raising, edge rounding and for cutting of counterprofiles as well as for shank-type cutters with exchangeable knives, scrapers, planing cutterheads (e.g. Tersa, Weinig Centrolock).

In the woodworking and furniture sector LEUCO is the tool manufacturer offering the greatest variety of cutting materials for knives. The wide range of cutting materials guarantees the best solution for each application, regardless of whether you cut wet or fibrous soft woods, hard woods, wood-based panels or composite materials.


  • Tungsten carbide cutting materials with the LEUCO name "HL Solid" are very tough and thus most suitable for solid wood manufacturing,

  • "HL Board" tungsten carbide cutting materials are very wear-resistant and are applied for the manufacturing of wood-based panels.



The clamping system is the link between the tool and the motor spindle. It transmits the necessary torque and absorbs the emerging longitudinal and lateral forces.

The clamping element creates a perfectly aligned connection to the tool and to the motor spindle. Concentric and runout accuracy are therefore essential. Ideally, clamping elements have a very low weight and no inherent unbalance.

LEUCO offers the whole variety of clamping systems for stationary and through-feed manufacturing ranging from conventional design to hydro systems with closed hydraulic systems.

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